“The judgment of the 40 million”


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On February 27 2009 the Ecuadorian dictator announced remission for daily El Universo of Ecuador, once at the trial that this had brought against him by libel through his lawyers managed a sentence of three years in prison and the payment of an indemnity of 40 million dollars for newspaper managers and opinion editorialist Emilio Palacio, remission is legal forgiveness with which the complainant which Emperor in the Roman Coliseum indicated the finger upwards to suspend the death of their persecuted, so as this attempted he moved to the world, not another outlet he had in those days, February 22 many newspapers of America reproduced entirely the editorial reason for demand El Tiempo and El Espectador (Colombia) La Nación (Argentina) La Nación (Costa Rica), El Universal (Mexico), El Comercio (Peru), El País (Uruguay) El Nacional (Venezuela) O’ Globe (Brazil) and El Nuevo Día (PuertoRico…) among others, in Act of solidarity with the universe and condemning the unjust sentence, then as well several newspapers more worldwide they did, in parallel to this the judge Monica Encalada, who was in charge of the case had travelled to take refuge to Colombia from where in press conference he recounted as she her they had tried to bribe that he issued the ruling for strap, which at the same time said that he feared for his life.

These events were decisive for the decision of the “pardon” the dictator “magnanimous” anointed on their victims, I say victims, because today when it’s been four months of the implausible, aberrant and unprecedented million dollar judgment, judge Encalada reveals to the world evidence that said always have on the crime of bribery and extortion, for the way in which the lawyers of the dictator acted on the judge who issued the ruling, it is a good quality video where judge Juan Paredes converses with Encalada and admitted that the lawyers of the Gutenberg President and Alemberg Vera (father and son) gave her the sentence against newspaper El Universo already completed in a Word file, to which he made some changes, among them “would have ordered him to pay 60 million” but considered convict only 40also denotes that you benefited the strap lawyers as creditors of 2% of the value of the million dollar compensation, in the extensive conversation also refers in its context which Gutenberg would have offered to walls keep it in the judicial function before the changes of judges is carried out in the new court formed part of a reform of Justice proposed by the dictator, and that in addition it has promised him also benefit in positions in the judiciary to relatives, partners judges also clarify that they are not confident in Gutenberg Vera or the vowel of the Yavar Fernando judiciary (who responds to the Executive) the latter would have provided benefits for her performances as judges in the trial, finally judge Juan Paredes statement himself saying “as I you say”, we are in the River, do I return? “Already not can return me” these expressions in the walls judge video fill us with deep concern and sadness, the judiciary in the Ecuador is submitted and kidnapped by the power of the dictator exercised from his Government, his lawyers have been evidenced as the older corrupters of judges has ever known and strap to support them since his investiture of President and by all appearances within the trial in the chapters that preceded the disclosure of These tests in video, is without doubt, the greater the loss of values in the history of the Ecuador multiplier.

On August 8, 1974 the President of the United States Richard Nixon resigned from Office after checking through a Senate investigation its responsibility in the Watergate case in which in addition to having made recordings to members of the White House and the headquarters of the Democratic Party, proved that he had obstructed justice to hide the crime of theft, these recorded conversations then they would be known to the world as “The Smoking Gun” (“the smoking gun”). And is that the history several Presidents of the world have been involved in scandals, but the Government of Rafael Correa has been recurring in proven corruption, from aMinister and his adviser who tried to eat the checking products of bribes, a pouch that came out of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry and reached Milan – Italy with 40 kilos of cocaine A, case of rape a girl of 5 years at the Embassy of Ecuador in Costa Rica, until the Governor of a province, the President’srepresentative allegedly leading a network of corruption with more than 10,000 cases in which would have released prisoners by contraventions in exchange for money and extortion to public establishments, these are just a few of the hundreds of outrageous cases that have happened and showing the true ethical and moral status of the rulers of Ecuador, however few are those sentenced,everything becomes impunity because the Ecuadorian ruler through the implementation of its totalitarian regime has managed to appoint their benefit to the body of the judiciary, Attorney General, Attorney, controller, superintendents etc.

It is important that the world know what is happening in Ecuador, the President of this nation, he attempted to, making use of the justice that he dominates, stealing the largest newspaper in the country with 40 million dollars and frighten the rest of media with his power, could not do so because became visible the attempt today because there is evidence of their immoral and illegal behavior the dictator should emulate Nixon and forgo the hole to hide the head like ostrich him is not enough, cause extreme embarrassment, is proven once more, the Ecuador. To remedy this, we must regain the independence of powers, which all corrupt judge knows that the dictator is not forever to protect them, we owe it to the Ecuadorian citizens justice, imprisoning those responsible this unforgivable act of corruption, and that is clear, the dictator cannot be exempt from responsibility. The truth is not supported, always get afloat, this is not an invention of men, it is a divine principle. 

This is a call to the Governments of the world, the media and democratic societies tokeep an eye on what is happening in Ecuador.  

Fernando Balda

National Assambleist of Ecuador


Un pensamiento en ““The judgment of the 40 million”

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