Ecuador: Analysis and Report.

By: Fernando Balda 

Why Correa will not win elections?

And who will be the next President of Ecuador? 


This is a comprehensive document that seeks to be a good source of truthful information for journalists and analysts from around the world who wish to know the political reality of the Ecuador in an analytical way.


In recent elections, Rafael Correa, the current President of Ecuador won in first turn with 51,99% of the votes, for those who don’t know, the electoral law of Ecuador establishes that there will be a second round if none of the candidates achieves 50% plus one of the votes cast, up there believe that there were fair in Ecuador elections, but what many don’t know is that to achieve “victory” Correa by regulation issued by the CNE eliminated of the total count votes null and white, in contravention of the Constitution and achieving doctored form reflect the 1.99% needed to consummate triumph, with this, also demonstrated that Correa do not win elections with a vote of razing as many believe and as the Ecuadorian ruler wanted to make believe proclaiming himself winner with the more than 66% in spite of the reality already documented on the website of the CNE.


Will then demonstrate what that 1.99% of the votes that allowed him to Correa win in first round, now already it has lost being imminent and inevitable, a second round of voting for elections in February 2013, will also demonstrate how simple mathematics candidate more optioned and leading contender Correa looms unstoppable as the next President of the Ecuador.


Correa came to power sponsored by several organizations, including indigenous people, teachers, students, among other leftist movements, today has estranged from all of them and has become them his opponents, then some links documenting breaches of these relations between the President and his allies who brought him to power:

President of the Confederation of indigenous nationalities called stupid Correa in his Office:

It interview of journalist Andrés Carrion to Rafael Correa’s former best friend who also was the President of the constituent Assembly proposed by the Ecuadorian President:

Former friends and supporters of Correa form new political organizations:

With these samples, it is logical that Rafael Correa has lost a significant percentage of votes given that in addition each of these former friends of the representative have been grouped with others of the same political trend to form new organizations that reduce the governing party and therefore structure your next primary votes.


Once demonstrated the structure loss in the Correa ranks, another aggravating circumstance for his decline in popularity are the innumerable corruption scandals by the Government, ranging from a Minister and his adviser when they were captured by intelligence teams one of them tried to eat checks he had received as bribes, reserved expenses deposited in private accounts of Correa confidence men 40 kls of drugs found in the pouch of Ecuador which departed from the Foreign Ministry in Quito for Italy, the discovery that the driver of the son of the Secretary of communications of the Presidency of Fernando Alvarado is the founder of a company that registers the greater the Government transportation contractor, they are cases of sexual harassment and violations are linked relatives of top officials of the regimen, here are just some of the hundreds starring the Correa government corruption scandals:

Fernando Balda denounced recording where Correa talks about how the congress’s  of his Government adulterated the Constitution:

Listen to same complete recording was the news of greater impact in 2009 in Ecuador, the audio is very clearly as Correa along with Chancellor Ricardo Patiño and his inner circle, to plan to seize stockholders  of private communications enterprises, like Channel Tv, Radios, etc.., full recording can be heard on this link:

Case “The eatchecks”

Case “VIALMESA” the driver of the son of Communication Secretary:

See News 1:

See News 2:

Sexual harassment in the Government Palace:

Nephew of the Secretary of communications sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape a child of 5 years at the Embassy of Costa Rica Ecuador:

These are just a few of the countless cases of corruption that the so-called “revolution” in Ecuador.


The reality of corruption q lives the Ecuador is compounded by the prevailing insecurity by the indiscriminate increase in crime at gunpoint, hired killers and drug trafficking, this last crime has increased to the point that Ecuador joined the list of countries producing cocaine hydrochloride, all this to root Correa decided to pardon 2221 prisoners sentenced for drug trafficking in the category of “mules” then make it public that your father was sentenced by this same crime in the United States, where he served five years in prison.



So that the decisions taken by the President due to their personal traumas as the fact of pardoning drug dealers feel identified with them to have been his father convicted of this offence, have affected public safety, this obviously it has been denied by Correa who recognizes the serious levels of insecurity but not responsibility even when the Government is responsible for ensuring the right to security.

Correa reveals that his father was imprisoned by drug:

Insecurity indexes keep Ecuadorians in distress:

Ecuador is the second country in the region with the highest rate of crime:

March against the insecurity:

The drug trafficking industry expands in the Ecuador:


But if there is something that shocked public opinion nationally and internationally, is the case of newspaper “El Universo” where Correa overflowed its corruption against the owners of this medium of communication and the editor of opinion, so that its attorneys to achieve the millionaire judgment with which attempted to steal 80 million dollars daily El Universo they bribed the judge who issued a ruling. Demonstrating that Correa and their lawyers are older corruptors of judges of history and therefore higher multipliers of the loss of values for society.

Video where judge Juan Paredes who gave judgment against the newspaper El Universo confesses the Correa lawyers gave the judgment ended in a USB device:

Interview with Fernando Balda NTN24 international case The Universe Newspaper:

Another topic that has affected much of the Ecuadorian representative image is the persecution of opponents, citizens and general media, so far his Government has closed 20 media critics at the Government, and arrested on two occasions to a magazine seizing their computers where their research information, Correa has declared war on the independent press and his thesis is that “everything should be public institutions” to inform so low supporters guidelines, the President insults constantly and relentlessly to media and journalists, has filed several lawsuits against members of the media asking for compensation for alleged insults that have gone from 10 to 80 million dollars, for all this Correa has been enshrined as enemy number one of the private media and the right to information so most repudiates, typical effect in dictatorial regimes.

Correa attack to the national and international press:

Correa broken copy of “La Hora” daily newspaper and calls to boycott the press:

Correa drives a negative media campaign:


This magazine has been known for two investigations that have revealed countless acts of government corruption, Correa pointed out their darts against this print medium more than once and their managers, this is the second time that the Government is supposedly legal mechanisms through the goods of the magazine but mainly their computers
where journalists accumulated their research:

Photo of the legal director of “VANGUARDIA” magazine during the embargo on this media  from the Government:


As if this were not enough the Correa Government opted for one of the most condemned repressive measures in the world, the criminalization of social protest, only in the indigenous area has accused more than 180 members of these groups with terrorism charges just for protesting on the economic and social measures taken by his Government:


Paradoxically Correa has not accepted never terrorists category recognized executors of this type of criminal actions such as the FARC, unlike his Government has been as close to these groups who came to enter Ecuadorian territory with the approval of his Government.

So that’s right, the President of neighbouring Country Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez, who is an icon in the world in the fight against terrorism opted to not tell the President Correa that was going to attack a base of terrorists of the FARC where he fell down his second in command with the Colombian army alias “Raul Reyes”, located inside Ecuadorian territory a few meters from the border with Colombia, because as President Uribe was considered, it was not reliable to transmit information to Correa due to the proximity of his Government with this terrorist group, in fact Uribe once said: “if he had informed the Government of President Correa we knew where it was hidden alias “Raul”.

Correa gave his apologizes to his official who met with the second in command of the FARC terrorist alias “Raul Reyes”:

Ex staff member of the Correa Government met 7 times with the FARC terrorist alias “Raul Reyes”:


In the Correa government economic field is has sustained only by the high price of oil because their strategies to attract foreign investment and promote the local have been null and void, because he is declared commercial ally of countries such as Iran, Belarus etc. driving in this way to global capitalism, Correa had the luck enjoy the rising of oil that came to $ 140 and currently ranges 1990 during the previous Correa Government of Lucio Gutiérrez oil tilt at $25, and the budget $18 managing to save $ 2 billion; Correa has had money to spend 10 times more than the ten Governments that preceded him together, Rafael Correa has done is spend on populist subsidies and bonds of poverty measures but has not improved services, has not generated monetary profits, this demonstrating the inability to manage the economy much to regret which is an economist by profession…

Here the chronology of how the first necessity products prices rise every month or every fortnight in Ecuador:

 February 2012:

March 2012:

April 2012:

June 2012:

July 2012:

PS. Here several articles with statistics of the Government of Rafael Correa has excessive spending, and not productive:

Government requires more and more money to support your model:

Ecuador the country with more spending on Government advertising:

Millionaire advertising spending does not stop:

Speak to an expert on the oil situation in Ecuador:

Carlos Sagñay, oil expert makes an x-ray of the situation, where exhibits in addition to Correa has spent oil money has mortgaged the production of crude oil to China for the next nine years:

Foreign investment in Ecuador in the six years of the Correa Government has been minimal and in the last period has not reached US $ 600 million compared with the neighboring country that Colombia already overtopped the 13.234 millions of dollars.

Ecuador in penultimate place to receive foreign investment:

Fernando Balda: El Ecuador does not attend Summit of the Americas:


The Government before all these mismanagement however tries to pretend a false efficiency, so much of the official advertising and speech by President Correa suggests a Government that has made many works of road infrastructure, which sample constantly in repetitive advertisements in all media, even though it is true Correa has given maintenance and achievement to all the works that the former President Lucio Gutiérrez began, but it is also true that older people have reported in the field of public procurement in the work road acts of corruption of the Government, to such an extent that public works Minister was accused of corruption and embezzlement by the control of the Assembly before delivery of innumerable works finger without bidding and unfit companies, but the impeachment was prevented by the Government majority. So it is clear that those works that join the “revolution” of Correa is where his Government has let down the National Treasury:

Public works Minister, will be Political impeached:

Pro-Government assemblymen prevent trial to Minister of public works:

With the above is demonstrated in documented form, that the Government of Rafael Correa is the most corrupt government that has had the Ecuador that more money has had on the general budget of the State for the sale of oil, despite the oil boom, the more incompetent because he has only failed has spent, Correa keeps a dictatorial regime, and its policy of persecution of anyone who believes against the regime, undermining freedom of expression resulted in the progressive and irreversible decline in the acceptance that had at the time.


The opposition found mechanisms by which the regime distorts reality trying to generate the perception that still have great acceptance, a few months ago are discovered the existence of a social network management center “Troll Center” from where a group of generators of content under the Presidency of Fernando Alvarado Secretary of communications, dedicated to comment in a fraudulent manner in all digital media in favor of the Government, defending Correa of the criticisms and attacking with views of rejection and derogatory to the critics of the Government, is also found this same strategy in social networks with thousands of fake twitter accounts that appear continuing insulting opponents and promoting to Correa with this unscrupulous work Correa seeks to generate the false perception that still enjoys acceptance which for a long time has lost by the citizen, the dangers of this, is that with this false perception that cause more international than local attempt to hide next electoral fraud, why the leader of the opposition and leading Correa contender in the upcoming elections the former President Lucio Gutierrez has publicly declared “Correa as this defeated by their mistakes, whom he must defeat is to electoral fraud”.

Troll Center exposed from the Government to attack opponents:

Troll center was under the media spotlight:

A huge of false accounts of twitter in favor of the Government is revealed:

Scandal of Government trolls:

This is demonstrated that the Government has to falsify the acceptance that claims to have trying to mislead public opinion, this also explains why in social networks and digital media pages appear countless negative comments against opponents of the regime and many expressions of false Correa support generated from the already famous and discovered Troll Center. On the other hand the paradoxical this is the double standards of the representative and his team of communication while on the one hand demand by tens of millions of dollars to journalists and citizens for alleged slander, on the other hand is that he and his communication Secretary Fernando Alvarado by Troll Center operation have been the greatest injurious of the history of who has been known and documented.


The fight is very complex, Correa is very skillful in totalitarian objectives, this form has managed to take the control bodies, has appointed at your leisure to all judges of the new Court of Justice, the Comptroller, Attorney, super mayors etc., and as if this were not enough the General-Attorney of the nation is the cousin of the President which relies for leaving unpunished all acts of corruption reported by the supervising of the opposition.  Ecuador is a free and sovereign country, Ecuadorians had never before lived an insane dictatorship such as that we are experiencing, it is evident that this evil days are numbered, the people is expressing the rejection of the dictator of energetically and proves unstoppable.


Take this article to bring it up a question that I often do in several countries, many have asked me: what with the historical background of Ecuador the people not has overthrown Correa?  To answer this is important to know the background that led to the Correa to power, during the Government of former President Lucio Gutiérrez, Rafael Correa arrived on two occasions Carondelet accompanied by several people who proposed to the President, appoint Correa as Finance Minister, the President to know the background of narcissism and arrogance of those who suffered the citizen proposed to him refused to consider the option of naming in this important post who considered not suitable for co-govern with him (noted that the economy during the Government of Lucio Gutiérrez was the stronger of the last ten Governments) while this happened Gutierrez feuds with the Ex President of the Ecuador León Febres Cordero (considered the most influential politician of the Ecuador at the then already deceased today) who began a campaign against the President since this had prompted the recovery of hundreds of millions of tax to one of his brothers. This was tapped by Correa who bore resentment against Gutierrez by not accepting him into his Cabinet, with what the President did not is that there was a friendship of many years that you linked to Correa with the Vice President of the Government of Lucio Gutiérrez, Dr. Alfredo Palacio, to Correa who turned and made a pact with him, to promote the overthrow of the President and when Palacio assumed the Presidency it would appoint Correa as Minister of finance from where it would make political platform because until then Correa was a total unknown, then jump into the Presidency. And so it was, a once his coup friend Alfredo Palacio the assumed the Vice-Presidency fulfilled you the dream and appointed him Minister, since there appeared in the public arena with populist speeches as he said that it would not pay foreign debt, however paid immediately it ranked as President in 2007, should be noted that when Correa won the presidency he did not have to compete against Lucio Gutierrez since the plan of the coups was so well designed that then you removed the political rights to Gutierrez and was unable to participate, their political rights that were illegally suspended, by the legal demanding fight complies with law and the Constitution recovered them after a Correa was introduced in power being enabled to the election campaign.

Once ran the ousting of Gutiérrez and this had to leave the country to protect his life and his family after having been isolated in Brazil and Colombia and once had stopped the revolts coup, Gutierrez decided to return to the Ecuador to face all the powers of the State already handled by the coup, surrendered to the police at the airport in Quito on October 14, 2005 was six months imprisoned while he and his lawyers demanded the authorities of Ecuador as a court, Prosecutor’s Office, Comptroller, Attorney etc. That you check if Lucio Gutiérrez had committed a crime, after six months of exhaustive research at every level and while the days of the same Government that had overthrown they aliens as if little Rafael Correa the overthrow leaders already had been appointed as Minister of the regime and began to organize his candidacy for the Presidency. Lucio Gutiérrez is released since no authority could find evidence or responsibility of crime during his tenure as President of the Ecuador. The Wikileaks cable also reveals the best friend of Correa Venezuela President Hugo Chavez funded the coup day that ended with the overthrow of President Lucio Gutiérrez:

Due to this experience in the coups, Correa evolved in their ability and perfected methods of repression and criminalization of social protest, when he has foreseen his Government hangs by a thread as of September 30, 2011 where he faced a police protest at the national level, ordered an indefinite national chain that citizenship could not know first-hand the levels of rejection which had reached a large part of society against the President.    September 30 Correa made the mistake of getting in the middle of a police protest that rejected it by the repeal of benefits for the members of that institution, result of this recklessness was cornered and took to simulate a kidnapping and alleged strike out, inciting violence and causing the death of innocent people, since he could never verify who was kidnapped and attempts at assassination reported less, what if it became clear is the rejection of a sector of society feels for him, since that day launched you tear gas, pulled it the hair, threw you a stool and kicked her up her butt, dishonorable for a representative that is said is the popular leader.  In this interview with CNN the Colonel César Carrión Director of the police Hospital where the President took refuge makes clear that the President was never abducted. After this statement, the Colonel was withdrawn from the police force, prison and the ruler of assassination attempt accused him, Correa could not verify his accusations and Colonel Carrión was released and reinstated to the national police:


In the last indigenous march which crossed the country to Quito to protest against the regime Correa ordered a police cord that accompanied the gear all the time, the police presence was every two meters during fifteen days with the Indians who crossed on foot more than 300 kilometers from the South of the country to the capital.


The rejection of many sectors of Correa due to his bad governance, lack of work and liquidity, since running rather than implement measures that promote development measures that punish the progress trying to disguise the existing economic crisis, as for example the extent with which eliminated the commercial houses most famous and prestigious of the Ecuador credit cards: DE PRATI, TOSI HOUSE, ETAFASHION, COMANDATO, credits economic etc., equivalent to Colombia Falabella and Macy’s in the United States, with this Correa seeks to prevent indebtedness of individuals in the second half of 2012 and the festivities of Christmas and new year, times of high spending that would produce a portfolio defeated great magnitude affecting the overall situation of the country and deepening the crisis in the family economy, generating more rejection against the regime for the lack of work and liquidity It is so Correa tries to fight this battle against his ineptitude, so yes it is good Correa to disguise the reality and take measures anti social and you reactionary nothing compatible with modern societies. Given that its economic model is a failure.

Commercial houses prevented from issuing credit cards:

As serious as this is that in the absence of a stable economy, the Government seeks to generate liquidity in its coffers through a new imposition requires that the international money orders that are sent through companies like Western Union, Titan etc. First go to the accounts of the Central Bank, thus hindering the reason for being of the direct international money orders is the ease of receiving the money instantly, since this measure retreats withdrawals at least 24 hours, this measure is moreover unnecessary since the remittances sent is duly regulated by financial laws and money laundering.

Transfers from entering the country only by the central bank:


Politics in the Ecuador remains an orphan of training schools, the political experience of the small leaders is conditioned on their auto didactic, the lack of conceptualized abounds in the general discourse because of the lack of knowledge of the history and the legal framework by the actors. In the political arena legislative, presidential and ministerial Correa Government to led the debate with the reins of populism, many times this style meant you get well deserved answers that have been left badly to the dictator and his closest collaborators:

Lucio Gutiérrez responds to Correa and accuses him of “cowardly attacking his own father, who took a fatal decision after this aggression”:

Correa called idiot Ecuadorian migrant in Spain:

Correa harangue to a whole mass of people who assaulted a citizen opposition:

Correa verbally assaulted journalist Janeth Hinostroza and ordered his bodyguard to draw it Palace she has to defend blows:

Correa makes a show of your Saturday to mocking opponents link:

Government boycotted Fernando Balda press conference while he denounced corruption in the Assembly Act:

Journalist Carlos Vera describes the dichotomies of Rafael Correa:

Part 1:

Part 2:


However the opposition of the Ecuador led by Lucio Gutiérrez is determined to defeat the dictator Rafael Correa and his bad government in upcoming elections, there are two logical conclusions that guarantee, the first, is to remember that the current President won in the first round with only 1.99% of the votes, it is obvious that with all the aforementioned background Correa already lost much more than that 1.99% by making sure the second electoral rounding this second round votes from other candidates who do not reach the second election day re-direct Lucio Gutierrez through alliances or because the majority of the votes of other political groups were motivated by the rejection of the current regime so now all belong to the opposition on various fronts. It is unlikely that once the political players who aspire to the Presidency have already appeared any of them override Gutierrez who in the last elections reached 30 per cent while the richest man in the country banana Alvaro Noboa, who despite being the most wealthy businessman could not consolidate his candidacy and lagged behind Gutierrez with 19% of the votes won the third place, the rest of the presidential candidates together came only to 8.37% today Gutierrez enjoys greater acceptance and popularity that in 2009 due to its proposals for development, his political work tirelessly throughout the country and the countless allegations of government corruption of Correa to the Assembly members of his party have been made during the control. But beyond of simple electoral Mathematics there are reasons much more strong to ensure the triumph of the leader of the opposition, and that Lucio Gutierrez has the support of the political party most large and organized in Ecuador: “January 21 patriotic society” who also holds the second legislative majority in the National Assembly, as well as the second most in the Ecuador sectional popular election authorities as mayors and prefects. Added to this is the collective memory in which prevails the Gutierrez Government as the most stable economically:

But the more motivating for the Ecuador is the firm position of Lucio Gutierrez to commit to compensate the damage caused by Correa, among them we can enumerate the following points:

  1. He will re-open all the media closed down by the regime.
  2. He will reopen all the approximately 14 universities closed by the regime and provide them academic and technical assistance for their improvement and then recover the tens of thousands of students who were left without studies education.
  3. He will promote justice against unjust sentences against the persecuted politicians of the dictatorial regime of Correa and will promote the pardon in the most visible and unjust cases.
  4. Control entry to the country of foreigners demanding judicial history to reduce the increase in crime, allowing single entry to tourists and businessmen, operating space should be organized to detect offenders of other nationalities, arrest them and deport them. Organized crime, we declare the fight without quarter, promoting awards and recognition to the national police for the fulfillment of their duties, such as housing and other incentives.
  5. We will strengthen bilateral relations with other countries framed in a business strategy to attract foreign investment to the Ecuador after February 2013, the Ecuador will be a country of opportunities for own and foreign entrepreneurs, we order by ten foreign investment and we reactivate, trades and the economy.
  6. In this way generate work as main axis to reduce crime and strengthen social values.
  7. We will provide legal and public safety as a main source of resources.
  8. We will reactivated credit cards of the commercial houses as of PRATI, House TOSI, ETAFASHION, COMANDATO, credits economic etc, as showing our support to internal trade and cutting-edge sales techniques and financial instruments, based on the assurance that generate employment and attract foreign investment.
  9. Currently Lucio Gutiérrez meets a very active schedule of meetings with Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, as well as also an international agenda with entrepreneurs around the world encouraging them to invest in the Ecuador from his next Government, providing them with all the necessary guarantees.

These are only some of the decisions taken by Lucio Gutiérrez and to execute its next Government to rescue Ecuador of the dictatorship and bad governance.

Therefore the country is clear that the leading contender for the dictatorship of Correa is Lucio Gutierrez… Rafael Correa is also quite clear, why part of your current strategy is to try to believe another candidate is who has more options to compete with him, and thus cause an effect scatter votes confusing public opinion, but also, Correa should know that Gutierrez has the largest and most organized political structure and is arguably the national leader, which Gutierrez is a leader of irreproachable military and professional career, that really was the best student in all stages of study (not as Rafael Correa who generated the rumor that he had been the best student in school and University when in reality was never in their previous campaign) and as if this were little, Gutierrez has excellent strategists who more than once have distorted and unmasked the rigged Correa skirmishes and put in suspense to his team of propagandist.

Blow to the fallacy of Correa and that it reveals the true face of a coup, which gave a few days ago the former President Lucio Gutiérrez to disclose in a national media a recording where you hear very clearly to Rafael Correa Delgado current President Ecuador urged the coup d’état against President Gutiérrez It is very important to see this video as evidence the coup regime Correista source, gives meaning to the story fade any speculation:

Former President Gutiérrez reveals Correa recording inciting the coup d ‘ état against him:

Here two interviews to Lucio Gutiérrez where Announces measures to take in his Government:

Interview with Lucio Gutiérrez 1:

Interview with Lucio Gutiérrez 2:



At the current moment Lucio Gutiérrez is a presidential candidate fully strengthened his firm, energetic speech, reconstruction based on principles of total democratic and economic security they are drawn from as the next President of the Ecuadorians. 

To finish this report will leave you with an important documentary video on the violation to human rights in the Government of Rafael Correa:

Part 1:

Part 2:

We hope to have satisfied their needs for information. The dissemination of this report is important for us the Ecuadorians, help us save the dictatorship Ecuador crime and destruction.

Fernando Balda




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