“The Assange Case (The Truth)


To refer to this topic should be separate things, first of all make it clear that the sovereignty of the Embassy of Ecuador in United Kingdom should be respected and inviolable, but also recognize that the mistake made by the British to suggest the possibility of breaking into the Embassy of Ecuador gave Correa and his meager Chancellor Ricardo Patiño the perfect excuse to positively resolve the asylum application of Julian Assange, taking advantage of the situation that the Ecuadorians motivated by the defense of the sovereignty  the asylum granted to the most famous hacker of the world that is considered dangerous for the world powers led by the United States.

Constant dichotomy:

At one point existed the perception that Assange was synonymous with freedom of expression as long as this to disclose to the world famous diplomatic cables through your portal Wikileaks that were on tenterhooks over one Embassy is contradictory to that who is supposedly a promoter of free expression will take refuge in the Embassy of the country whose ruling has seized a dozen of media for his dictatorial use private closed 20 media critics the Government so far of 2012, sued and sentenced several journalists and citizens who have expressed their critical criteria to the management of Rafael Correa as President of the Ecuador. Clearly then, the ability of Assange to be offered to the highest bidder, given that the profile of the Ecuadorian dictator meets all the requirements of who needs to feed his hatred of what he calls you ¨The Empire¨ with the desire to have information that may be used against other countries or failing to conduct negotiations that will be skirmishes at diplomatic level outlined by the dirt of the extortion and blackmail.

From there the status of the alleged offences by those who are persecuted in Sweden Wikileaks founder has not been the priority for belt because in that sense or speech has managed to refine, clear example of this is his statement on the accusation that a lady makes against Assange continue intercourse then that the condom he used had broken: ¨Los crimes by those who persecute Assange in Sweden are not offences in Ecuador¨ (Rafael Correa) this is obvious with the Ecuadorian President isn’t interested in expressing its respect for the Swedish laws, as also would have to ask him if he would like that so they mess without a condom, or that continue you with sexual intercourse although the condom has broken..? Perhaps we would find there the principle and the motivation of those expressions that lack diplomatic and defenders of human rights.

The truth is that:

Correa feels closer to the international diplomatic sky as keeper of the secrets of the most-publicized hacker on the planet is already done while his popularity, credibility and acceptance decrease sharply in Ecuador for the crimes committed by his Government and the mismanagement of the State with high rates of unemployment, poverty, crime and drug trafficking.  Then ask ourselves a question: Correa can take his Aussie asylum seeker to Ecuador? I believe that the threat posed by this hacker information in the hands of an unbalanced as Rafael Correa is so dangerous to the world that Assange could with 99% of chances against not achieve reach the airport from the Ecuador Embassy in London.

But for this he has been granted a safe-conduct, safer is be arrested even though the high British authorities have given alleged guarantees, and is that the diplomatic game is pure simple mathematics, who are more added?, which will agree that their secrets are in the hands of a deranged as a strap or those who fear that the Government of the Ecuadorian little killer put you ¨restrictions or sanctions¨ as not to sell bananas or cocoa, or not to invite them to their diplomatic actions, moreover, that remove the Ecuadorian ambassadors from their countries and as if this were not enough make a couple of gestures and stews to other leaders as that they did to President Álvaro Uribe to the OAS when latter downed angostura terrorist alias ¨Raul Reyes¨.  

Hopefully Assange does not read this article my own, please do not be the retwiteen to him, because I would not be the culprit that is literally shit pants from fear, is more when wanting to hack my computer to see if Wikileaks published a love letter that I’ve exchanged with past loves and found that I also like the Swedish but removed me the condom, ah but yes, I also discovered that I like more, much more Ecuadorian women.  

So this chapter is writing in world diplomacy which rather seems to be a film history of James Bond 007 you pasted a low jump Venezuelan novel: powerful, weak, crimes, secrets, women, passions, ambitions, dilemmas and uncertainties with a single expectation would be achieved Correa seize the secrets of countries and most powerful characters in the world? I don’t think so.

Fernando Balda




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